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Food Bank

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Sacrament of Reconciliation
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Celebration of Sacraments


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St. Ann Parish Mission

Moved by the Good News of Christ Jesus, St. Ann’s is a servant community where we:

  1. value our diversity and welcome everyone;

  2. provide a safe circle for the growth of the human spirit free from judgmental attitudes;

  3. are committed to just and compassionate action;

  4. joyfully celebrate and participate in the Sacraments.


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Feast Presentation of the Lord

on Tuesday, February 2, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

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Food bank adapts to COVID challenge

The Catholic Register

food bank adapts to covid challenge.jpg

Volunteers at St. Ann’s Food Bank distribute close to $600,000 in food donations annually. 


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The Catholic Register, the oldest English Catholic publication in Canada, was founded in 1893 but its roots reach back 30 years earlier. 

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Native People’s Parish
Historical Highlights

In 1972 Native Peoples’ Parish began as a Chaplaincy when Father Barney Mayhew was asked by the Toronto Bishops to represent the church’s response to the increasing number of First Nations people 

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In January, 1908, the late Rev. Hugh J. Canning, then pastor of St. Joseph’s, purchased the old Presbyterian Church at the corner of Bolton Ave. and Gerrard St, marking the beginning of St. Ann’s Parish.

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