Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 23, 2017
Celebrating The Year Of The Family

July 24, 2016 – July 23, 2017



                                               July 24th: 102st Anniversary Mass celebrated by Rev. Wilson Andrade,                                                    CSC celebrating St. Ann’s Feast Day, followed by annual outdoor BBQ.



                                              August 6th - 7th: Mission Preaching Appeal by Fr. Antony O’Cheng for                                                   Yarumal Missioners.



September 8th: One year anniversary of the Archdiocese of Toronto’s Project

Hope. Our parish continues to support this initiative through our Refugee

Resettlement Group.

September 11th: Beginning of the Children’s Liturgy Program for the 2016-

2017 year.

September 17th: 52 parishioners went on our annual Parish pilgrimage to

Martyrs’ Shrine.



                                           October 1st - 2nd: The Holy Cross Youth Group celebrated their 5th year                                                anniversary with a Dinner and Dance followed by a thanksgiving mass.

                                           October 8th - 9th:  Thanksgiving was celebrated with the distribution of                                                  apples during the weekend’s mass times.

                                           October 20th: Start of the year-round 50th Anniversary celebrations of                                                      Development and Peace.

October 22nd – November 4th: Members of our parish joined Fr. Wilson Andrade in a 14 day-Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

October 29th: 4 Altar Servers from St. Ann Parish received the Bishops’ Altar Servers Award for Service at the ceremony celebrated by Most Reverend Robert Kasun, CSB, Auxiliary Bishop – Archdiocese of Toronto.

October 29th: The Raise a Roof - Jamaica initiative hosted a Halloween Dinner & Dance fundraiser night.



November 2nd: All Souls’ Day was celebrated with special candles dedicated to

our faithful departed loved ones during a Wednesday evening Mass.

November 6th: Presentation at the Parish Hall on Afterlife by Matthew Hendzel, SJ.

November 20th: Eucharistic procession was held on the Feast of Christ the King.

Official launch of our parish’s The Year of the Family celebrations.

November 26th: St. Ann Parish Ministry Day celebrated our wonderful volunteers

and their parish ministries.



                                                 December 3rd: The Food Bank celebrated their annual Christmas Party.

                                                 December 10th: The community gathered to celebrate the 50th                                                                  Ordination Anniversary of Fr. Frank Wagner, CSC

                                                 December 12th: Celebration of National Day of Prayer in Solidarity                                                          with Indigenous Peoples.

December 16th – 24th: Commencement of Advent Adoration and Prayer with 9 evening Masses in preparation for Christmas.

December 24th: Celebration of Christmas Festive Mass with Native Peoples’ Mission and the Children’s Pageant. Followed by fellowship at the hall and Christmas Raffle draw.

December 25th: Feast Day Eucharist in celebration of the Solemnity of Nativity of

our Lord.

December 31st: Thanksgiving Mass followed by St. Ann Parish’s New Year’s party.



January 29th: St. Ann Parish dedicated the month to all Newly Baptized and

celebrated this theme with a festive breakfast at the parish hall. 41 new members

were added to our parish family.



February 6th: St. Ann Parish Food Bank celebrated its 12th year


February 11th: St. Ann Parish’s Valentine’s Day dinner and Dance.

February 12th: Development and Peace’s launch of At the Heart of

the Action campaign.

February 26th: Celebration of Marriage Sunday to celebrate married couples in our parish. Followed by festive breakfast in the parish hall.



                                      Fridays in Lent: Stations of the Cross conducted by different ministries in our                                         parish; followed by annual Fish and Chips in the Parish Hall.

                                      March 10th-21st: Youth from St. Ann Parish along with Fr. Wilson Andrade                                           joined in the Raise a Roof-Jamaica initiative. They build 2 homes and a library                                         for communities in need in Kingston, Jamaica.

                                      March 18th – 19th: St. Ann Parish celebrated St. Joseph’s Feast Day with the                                           distribution of Holy Oils.

March 26th: Sisters of St. Joseph’s presentation on In Good Company. Followed by a festive lunch to celebrate the month dedicated to Praying for the Sick and Suffering.



April 2nd: Development and Peace’s Solidarity Sunday with presentation on

St. Michael’s Homes.

April 13th: Holy Thursday Service preceded by the annual Soup Potluck at the

parish hall.

April 13th- 14th: Pabasa ng Bayan (Reading of the Passion of Christ) in Tagalog

organized by the Holy Family Prayer Group.

April 14th: Good Friday Divine Liturgy.

April 15th: 9 RCIA candidates were baptized during the Easter Vigil Service.

April 16th: Easter Sunday celebration preceded by Native Peoples’ Mission Sunrise Ceremony

April 17th: St. Kateri Tekakwitha Feast Day. A presentation on the life of this extraordinary saint was later given on April 23rd by Matthew Hendzel, SJ.



                                        May 10th: New sound system was installed at the church, replacing our                                                   former one from 1985.

                                        May 13th: Celebration of Mother’s Day and 100 years of the Fatima                                                           Apparition as part of our month-long dedication to all mothers.

                                        May 19th -21st: 18 members of Native Peoples’ Mission attended the 19th St.                                           Kateri Healing and Reconciliation Conference in Ottawa.

                                        May 20th: Installation of new flooring at St. Ann parish hall was completed.

                                        May 21st: Deacon Roshan Kiro, SJ was welcomed into our Parish                                                               Community.

May 27th: Pasta Night Dinner Dance organized by the Handmaids of the Lord to help raise funds for church renovations.



June 4th: Celebration of Pentecost Sunday.

June 18th: Eucharistic procession was held for Corpus Christi.

Celebration of Father’s Day as part of our month-long dedication

to fathers.

June 23rd: Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was celebrated with

a festive Mass fallowed by fellowship at the hall.



                                                         July 1st: At the Riverdale Canada Day Celebrations, St. Ann Parish                                                            distributed faith materials, thus continuing our mission of                                                                          spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

                                                         July 2nd: Month of July is dedicated to seniors as part of our Year                                                              of the Family celebrations. We are encouraged to pray and share of                                                            our time with seniors in our families and community.

                                                         July 18th: St. Ann’s Novena began as a spiritual preparation for

                                                         St. Ann’s