Holy Eucharist

Daily Masses

Monday-Thursday               8:00 am

      (Mass at St. Ann Rectory)

Friday (Adoration)                6:00 pm

      (Holy Eucharist)               7:00 pm

Saturday Vigil                       5:00 pm

Sunday                                 10:30 am

                                                 6:00 pm 

   Native Peoples’ Mass      12:30 pm

   Bridgepoint Hospital         2:30 pm

Celebration of Sacraments


Preparation required, 

please contact office. 


Saturdays 4:15 - 4:45 pm or

by appointment.


Couple contacts office

one year in advance.    

External Links
St. Ann Parish Mission

Moved by the Good News of Christ Jesus, St. Ann’s is a servant community where we:

  1. value our diversity and welcome everyone;

  2. provide a safe circle for the growth of the human spirit free from judgmental attitudes;

  3. are committed to just and compassionate action;

  4. joyfully celebrate and participate in the Sacraments.

Native People’s Parish

In 1972 Native Peoples’ Parish began as a Chaplaincy when Father Barney Mayhew was asked by the Toronto Bishops to represent the church’s response to the increasing number of First Nations people 

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Historical Highlights

In January, 1908, the late Rev. Hugh J. Canning, then pastor of St. Joseph’s, purchased the old Presbyterian Church at the corner of Bolton Ave. and Gerrard St, marking the beginning of St. Ann’s Parish.

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