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The Story of St. Ann

The name “Ann” is synonymous with “grace” in Hebrew. St. Ann was the spouse of St. Joachim, and was chosen by God to be the mother of Mary, His own Blessed Mother on earth.


For centuries St. Ann has bestowed her miraculous favours on those who devoutly pray to her. She has been a mother to the poor, a comforter to the sick, a friend to the dying. From the book of James, which was written about 150 A. D., we are told that the grandmother of Jesus and her husband Joachim belonged to the royal family of David. They were pious Jews who were residents of Jerusalem, dwelling near the Bethesda Pool, in the vicinity on the temple. Joachim, a prosperous shepherd, was generous with the fruits of his labours, offering in the temple gifts for the whole people, as well as requesting forgiveness of his own offences. Still, in spite of this virtue, he and his wife Ann, had not been blessed with offering; and when Joachim came to the temple to offer his gifts, the Priest Ruben reproached his as being unworthy, since he alone among the tribes, had failed to raise offspring in Israel. However, he and his wife were eventually blessed with a daughter, Mary.


According to tradition, Ann gave Our Lady to the service of the temple at the age of three.